Making up for the fallow months

Dear Patient and Generous Subscribers,

Gosh darn it, I’m not quitting Substack. But my lack of posting here has gone from unfortunate to ridiculous. Effective yesterday, I paused all subscription billing. No monthly subscribers will be charged for at least the next month. Yearly subscribers will have the clock on their twelve months paused as well.

In November, if I’ve picked up the pace enough to justify charging again, I may. Or I may wait another month to make sure the new pace is sustainable. I still want to make a career of this, and believe I can. But I’m not going to charge again until I’m confident I can post more regularly.

I remain grateful and humbled and frankly kind of baffled that more of you haven’t cancelled on me yet. (Why are you all so nice?!) And of course I completely understand why some have cancelled. I hope the rest of you will all stick around for a free month or two while I get this thing sorted. Just knowing you’re out there feels terrific.



p.s - Here are some fall leaves & the photo of William James in Brazil at age 23.